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    Beijing Jiuhong Group,headquartered in Beijing,capital of china,own 7 branch company in china.
    The companies have manufactured and exported construction equipment to more than 50 countries in the world since its formation in 2001. We specialize in the design,manufacture,quality control,package and delivery for construction equipment and parking system.High quality and offer best service for clients are our culture. As a unique, vertically integrated company with an outstanding reputation for manufacturing high quality products and service, we are continuously grow and expand quickly with supporting our clients in best way.

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    • Exhibition Information
      1. Beijing Jiuhong Heavy Industry Machinery Co.,ltd will attend the Shanghai Bauma Exibition in 2016.
        Date: 11.22-11.25.2016(4-days exhibition)
        Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center
        Booth No.: E2.468
        Exhibition Area: 60 square meters(Length*Width:8m*7.5m ,indoor)

    Main products

    Beijing Jiuhong Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd.
    Add.: Xisha Industrial Park, Beiqijia Town, Changping District, Beijing, China
    Tel.: +86-10-81768989
    Mobile: +86-18600331721
    E-mail: machine@bjfth.com
    Contact person: Star Yang

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