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    Vertical Rotary Parking System

    We focus on providing the intelligent mechanical parking equipment research and development, design, manufacture, installation and after-sales service. Our main product catalogue includes vertical rotary parking system, vertical lifting
    parking system, simple lifting parking system as well as lifting and traverse parking system.

    Advantages for Vertical Rotary Parking System
    1. Save Land Space
    This type of product only needs small fixed space compared with other two types, which is easy to move and reinstall.
    2. Low Ratio of Breaking
    The safety coefficient of the chain is above 7. One motor for this smart parking system from Germany brand promise the system works steadily.
    3. Automatic Parking System
    PLC is used to control the relay and contactor, which could do automatic test. This system belongs to an equipment item, which is not necessary to apply for government inspection.

    Specifications of the Vertical Rotary Parking System
    Vertical Rotary Model
    Item Specification
    Car Dimension*Weight ≤5000mm*1850mm*1550mm*1700kg
    Car No. 8-16 per set
    Product Dimension L*W*H 6800mm*5200mm*10300-17500mm
    Power 7.5kw-18.5kw/380v/50Hz/3Phase
    Max. Car Out-time ≤130s
    Lifting Model Motor + Chain
    Control System PLC
    Operation Model Slot card + digital button + remote control
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