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    Vertical Lifting Parking System

    Vertical lifting parking system is also called parking tower or elevator-type mechanical parking system.

    Lifting load carrier lifts pallets and vehicles to appointed layers. Then pallets together with vehicles are slid in or out of parking spaces under the traction of sliding mechanism on the lifting load carrier.

    Technical Parameters of the Vertical Lifting Parking System
    Vertical Lifting Model
    Item Specification
    Car Dimension*Weight ≤5300mm*1850mm*1550mm/2050 ≤1800kg
    Car No. 20-25 per set
    Power Lifting power Transverse power Rotary table power
    37kw 0.75kw 2.2kw
    Speed Lifting speed Transverse speed Rotary speed
    30~120m/min 25m/min 3r/min
    Voltage 380v/50hz/3phase
    Lifting Model Hoist + steel wire rope
    Control System PLC
    Operation Model Slot card + digital button + Touch screen
    Safety Device 1.entering indicator light 2.emergency lighting 3.in-checking 4.out-checking 5.emergency switch 6.checking sensor 7.guiding device
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