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    Smart Parking System

      1. Vertical Rotary Parking SystemWe focus on providing the intelligent mechanical parking equipment research and development, design, manufacture, installation and after-sales service.
      1. Vertical Lifting Parking SystemVertical lifting parking system is also called parking tower or elevator-type mechanical parking system. Lifting load carrier lifts pallets and vehicles to appointed layers.
      1. Simple Lifting Parking SystemThe simple lifting parking system is the simplest type parking facility. It can be used for home and community. Our car parking system is normally designed with two layers for two spaces.
      1. Lift and Slide Parking SystemThe lift and slide parking system combines vertically lifting and laterally sliding technology that allows parking two levels deep with independent access to any vehicle.

    Installation place: Hospital, Bank, Enterprise and public institution, Residential area, Commercial area, Auto manufacturer, Station and Wharf.

    Main model: 8,10,12,14,16spaces

    Land area: 34 square meters, about 2 parking space, parking 8-20 car

    Installation type: Capturing independent and combination module for single set or several sets.

    Covering model: outdoor, transparent covering, whole covering

    Installation time: 3 days for 12 spaces rotary parking system (without foundation)

    Installation flexibility: Could install in small space beside building

    Customer-design: Special design based on the customer’s requirement, combining with natural surroundings to be beautiful scenery.

    1.Adopted German technology and German brand Motor to ensure the safety and practicability

    2.Simple parking: Only need to drive the car into the loading pallet,it needs only 20s to retrieve a car.

    3.Flexible installation: it can be installed in small space between two buildings in residential are area.

    4.Less occupied area/ Two parking apace on the ground can be used to park 8-20 cars/ Compact layout in stereoscopic apace in the garage/ Without affecting each other and saving a lot of land area/ Land utilization increased 6-10 times.

    5.Rapid assembly:It only take 3 days to assemble 12 spaces rotary parking equipment.(Not including foundation

    6.Equipped with VFD:The machine runs more smoothly/ Save energy/ Low decibel/ Elegant appearance / steady operation/ The vibration and working decibel is strictly meet the environmental standard.

    7.Equipped with anti-sway device, effectively prevent the cars from swinging.

    8.Quick and convenient: Easy to assemble and move / Adopt PLC automatic control system / Automatic retrieving car by swiping card

    Parameter Model Vertical Rotary Car Parking System
    Type PCX
    Car no. 8P/10P/12P/14P/16P
    Car weight ≤1800kg
    Land aera 6500*5500
    Layer&height Height Model 8cars for 5 layers 10cars for 6 layers 12cars for 7 layers 14cars for 8 layers 16cars for 9 layers
    Max in-out time 90~150s
    Power 7.5KW/9.2KW/18.5KW
    Control type PLC full-automatic
    Operate type Button/IC(ID) card
    Power supply 380v/AC 50hz
    Noise ≤65db

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