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    Construction hoist/Construction Elevator

    1. SC100 construction hoist is a vertical handling machine dedicated for materials and people and widely applied in
    building construction, industrial and mining, multi-storey workshop, warehouse, station, wharf, etc.

    2. It is convenient, efficient, and secure, which have been exported to more than 30 countries in the world.

    3. Our advantages
    1) Choose international famous brand as our supplier to ensure the reliable quality
    2) Being qualified for testing anti-falling device,produced by ourself or other companies.
    3) Control strictly from raw material selecting to delivery from factory.

    Model SC100
    Rated load capacity (kg) 1000
    Max. number of passengers 12
    Lifting speed (m/min) 36
    Max. lifting height (m) 200
    Motor power (kW) 2×11
    Cage size (m) 3×1.5×2.5
    Weight of 650 mast section (kg) 128
    Size of 650 mast section (mm) 650×650×1508
    Loading capacity of lifting frame (kg) 200.
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