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    SS100 Material Hoist

    Suitable for the vertical transport of materials on construction sites, the SS100 material hoist has a load capacity of 1000 kg and a lifting rate of 23.5 m/min. It comes with one cage and a number of protection devices.

    1. Overload protection
    2. Phase loss protection
    3. Safety door protection
    4. Interlayer door protection
    5. Motor reversal protection
    6. Mechanical top bumping protection
    7. Sensor failure protection
    8. Engine short circuit or overload protection.
    9. Alarm bell output protection
    10. Data protection

    Specifications of Material Hoist
    Model SS100
    Basic installation height (m) 30
    Max. installation height (m) 80
    Rated load capacity (kg) 1000
    Lifting rate (m/min) 23.5
    Cage size (m) 2.8×1.5×1.9
    Mast section size (m) 0.85×0.85
    Motor power (kW) Single-cage 7.5
    Steel rope model 6×37+1-12-170-Right
    Steel rope length (m) 150
    Total weight (kg)
    Single-cage (30m)
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