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    Material Hoist

      1. SS100 Material HoistSuitable for the vertical transport of materials on construction sites, the SS100 material hoist has a load capacity of 1000 kg and a lifting rate of 23.5 m/min. It comes with one cage and a number of protection devices.
      1. SS100/100 Material HoistSS100/100 material hoist is a dedicated vertical handling machine which can be used for building construction in industrial and mining enterprise, multi-storey workshop, warehouse, station, wharf, etc. It is convenient, efficient, and secure.

    The SS series material hoist is widely used in various construction sites, multi-layer workshops, warehouses, stations, docks, and other places. Built to meet the strict standard, our construction site elevator features high efficiency, secure operation and other merits.

    The material hoist is equipped with multiple safety devices to guarantee the security, including the broken rope protection device, safe braking device, buffering device, upper and lower limit height stopper, limit switch, rope locking device, and so on.

    Our advantages
    1. Many items safety devices ensure the high safety when working: short circuit protection device, overload protection device, fall arest device, stop safety device, upper and lower limit device, weight limit device etc.

    2. The visual video surveillance makes for more flexible and efficient position to control the whole equipment.

    3. The mast section is made of seamless steel pipes welded together. The joint error is within 20 micrometer, conforming to the national standard.

    4. Equipped with outside fence, outside fence door, protective fence, which is ore safe, good looking.

    5. A national patented fall arrest device with braking distance less than 10cm is used in our product to guarantee the safety of operator in construction.

    SC100/100 Material Hoist
    SC100/100 Material Hoist
    Technical Parameter
    Item Unit Parameter
    Max Erection Height m 150
    Basic Installation Height m 30
    Rated Lifting Capacity Kg 1000/1000
    Mast section weight Kg 150
    Hoisting Max. Erection weight Kg 200
    Lifting Speed m/min 26.4
    Mast section dimension (L*W*H) Mm 650*650*1508
    Cage Dimension (L*W*H) m 3000*1500*2500
    Winch motor Kw 11 / 11
    Total weight T 23

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