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    Customerized Shape Suspended Platform

    The customerized suspended platform is a kind of non-standard suspended platform with special specifications and it is tailored to meet the
    requirements on the construction of irregular buildings.

    The custom shape suspended platform features light weight, high utility, high security, and reasonable price. Its main part can be freely moved
    and restructured, making it convenient and efficient to complete the construction and maintenance work of irregular buildings.

    Rated load (kg) 500
    Lifting speed (m/min) 9.5
    Platform dimensions (mm) 3000×630×1100
    Max. angle 40°
    Hoist Quantity 2
    Power (kW) 1.5
    Voltage (V) 380
    Rotation speed (r/min) 1420
    Braking torque (Nm) 15
    Steel rope (mm) Ф8.3
    Safety lock Allowable impulsive force (kN) 30
    Cable locking angle 3°~8°
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