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    Suspended Access Equipment

      1. Steel Suspended Access PlatformZLP series steel suspended access platform is motor driven climbing machinery mainly used for the exterior wall construction, decoration and renovation of high-rise buildings and multi-storey buildings.
      1. ZLP Series Aluminum suspended platform

        Its weight is 65% lighter than that of the steel type in the same model.
        The oxide film is able to prevent rust and corrosion, so no painting or galvanizing is needed on the external surface.

      1. Custom Shape Suspended Platform

        The custom shape suspended platform is a kind of non-standard suspended platform with special specifications and it is tailored to meet the requirements on the construction of irregular buildings.


    Beijing Jiuhong offer the most varieties of suspended access equipment with different specifications for almost every high-rise operation in China. Our main suspended working platform includes the ZLP500 type, ZLP630 type, ZLP800 type, ZLP1000 type, etc. The operating voltage is 110V, 220V, 380V, or 415V.


    1. High-rise elevator cableway installation

    2. Safety inspection for granary and colliery

    3. For tower crane operator to go up and down

    4. Welding and decoration in shipbuilding industry

    5. Maintenance of large tanks, chimneys, and boilers

    6. Maintenance and decoration of dams and bridges

    7. Decoration of exterior walls, such as cement coating, insulating layer coating, painting, cleaning, glass curtain wall installation, and marble installation

    Model ZLP630(6m) ZLP800(7.5m)
    Rated load 630Kg 800Kg
    Lifting speed 8-10m/min 8-10m/min
    Platform Dimension L×W×H (mm) 6000(1m+2m+3m)×720×1300 7500(2.5*3)×720×1300
    Lifting Height 100 m 100 m
    Cable 100 m 100 m
    Steel rope Ф8.3mm Ф9.1mm
    Hoist Pulling power 6.17KN 7.84KN

    Electric motor model YEJ90L-4 YEJ100L-4

    Power 1.5KW*2 1.8KW*2

    Voltage 380V/50HZ/3P 380V/50HZ/3P

    Rotational speed 1420rpm 1420rpm

    Braking moment 15Nm 15Nm
    Safety lock Permission force of impact 30KN 30KN

    Locking Cable Angle 3°~8° 3°~8°
    Suspension mechanism Front beam overhang 1.3~1.5m 1.3~1.5m

    Support adjustable height 1.44~2.14m 1.44~2.14m
    Counterweight 800kg 1000kg

    Beijing Jiuhong Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd.
    Add.: Xisha Industrial Park, Beiqijia Town, Changping District, Beijing, China
    Tel.: +86-10-81768989
    Contact person: Star Yang