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    SMZ150 Self-propelled Gantry Hoist

    SMZ150 self-propelled gantry hoist is a new type of vertical transport machine. It has improved securiy system and proection device, effectively preventing the suspended platform from dashing the top, reducing the risk of overload, avoiding the drop of materials.

    This self-propelled gantry hoist is applicable to building construction, interior and exterior decoratioin as well as housing maintenance. It's normal height is 24 meters and is adjustable.

    Technical parameters:
    Item Parameter
    Mounting height(m) Lifting height(m) 81 63 78 60 54 45 51 42 36 27 33 24 24 21
    Max.lifting weight(t) 1.2 1.5
    Cage size(m) 3.3*1.7
    Windlass model JK1.5 JK2
    Lifting speed(m/min) ≈22
    Working temperature(℃) -20-40
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