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    Tower Crane

      1. 4-6 Ton Tower CraneA complete set of safe and reliable hydraulic jacking device is adopted for self-elevating. The tower crane goes up and down steadily and the lifting height varies with the building height. These merits make the lifting equipment ideal for high-rise construction.
      1. Flat top tower craneThe flat top tower crane features stable operation and reliable management due to the adoption of vaious advanced technologies.
      1. SMZ150 Self-propelled Gnatry HoistSMZ150 self-propelled gantry hoist is a new type of vertical transport machine. It has improved securiy system and proection device, effectively preventing the suspended platform from dashing the top, reducing the risk of overload, avoiding the drop of materials.

    The QTZ series tower crane, is one of our leading products. The maximum loading capacity differs from 3T to 6T.

    With the working radius varying from 30m to 80m, this construction crane is famous for its large operating range,various operating methods and extensive application.

    Our tower crane consists of a horizontal arm bracket, an adjusting device for changing the radius of the arm-trolley, and a hydraulic self-elevating mechanism. It features original design, reliable operation and satisfactory appearance.

    Equipped with all necessary safety devices, this aerial equipment exerts good speed control, desirable operating stability and high working efficiency.

    The lifting equipment is widely applied in the construction of high-rise hotel, residential building, industrial building, and tower-like building like the tall chimney.

    The QTZ series tower crane has gained many awards like China Brand Name Product. We always keep in the mind that product quality is the most important.

    Also, our excellent after-sales service helps you solve all problems without delay or trouble.

    QTZ (4T-6T ) Tower Crane
    Model Unit QTZ5610 tower crane QTZ5210 tower crane QTZ4810 tower crane QTZ4808 tower crane
    Max Working Radius (m) m 56 52 48 48
    Hoisting height m 40 30 30 30
    Max lifting load T 6 5 4 4
    Max working scope m 3-56 3-52 3-48 3-48
    Slewing speed M/min 0.63 0.63 0.6 0.62
    Hoisting speed a=2 R/min 79.4/37.7/8.5 79.4/37.7/8.5 60/29/8.2 60/29/8.2

    a =4
    39.7/19.9/4.3 39.7/19.9/4.3 30/15/4.1 30/15/4.1
    Luffing speed M/min 48/24 40/22 38/26 38/26
    Total motor power KW 39.6 39.6 25.1 25.1
    Main Material Specs mm 135*135*12
    square steel tube
    angle steel
    angle steel
    angle steel
    Mast section Dimension mm 1800*1800*2800 1600*1600*2500 1500*1500*2200 1500*1500*2200
    Counter weight t 15.6 11.5 9 8.1
    Working temperature -20~+40 -20~+40 -20~+40 -20~+40
    Voltage/frequency V/Hz ~380/50 ~380/50 ~380/50 ~380/50

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