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      1. SC100 Construction Hoist

        SC100 construction hoist is a vertical handling machine dedicated for materials and people and widely applied in building construction, industrial and mining, multi-storey workshop, warehouse, station, wharf, etc.

      1. SC100/100 Construction HoistAvailable in dual car configurations, the SC100/100 construction hoist offers payloads of 1000 kg/car and has a maximum lifting height of 200 m. It is safe, reliable, and efficient in performance as well as easy to maintain.
      1. SC200 Construction HoistWe have introduced the design concept of world’s top construction elevator. Our SC200 construction hoist features world-class properties in various aspects, like structure design, working mechanism, control system, as well as safety and reliability.
      1. SC200/200 Construction HoistSC200/200 construction hoist is a vertical handling machine dedicated for materials and people, and it is widely applied in building construction, industrial and mining, multi-storey workshop, warehouse, station, wharf, etc.
      1. Variable Frequency Construction HoistThe variable frequency construction hoist is designed to meet the increasing needs for high-rise construction. Its maximum lifting speed reaches 96m/min.
      1. SS100 Material HoistSuitable for the vertical transport of materials on construction sites, the SS100 material hoist has a load capacity of 1000 kg and a lifting rate of 23.5 m/min. It comes with one cage and a number of protection devices.
      1. SS100/100 Material HoistSS100/100 material hoist is a dedicated vertical handling machine which can be used for building construction in industrial and mining enterprise, multi-storey workshop, warehouse, station, wharf, etc. It is convenient, efficient, and secure.
      1. Steel Suspended Access PlatformZLP series steel suspended access platform is motor driven climbing machinery mainly used for the exterior wall construction, decoration and renovation of high-rise buildings and multi-storey buildings.
      1. ZLP Series Aluminum suspended platform

        Its weight is 65% lighter than that of the steel type in the same model.
        The oxide film is able to prevent rust and corrosion, so no painting or galvanizing is needed on the external surface.

      1. Custom Shape Suspended Platform

        The custom shape suspended platform is a kind of non-standard suspended platform with special specifications and it is tailored to meet the requirements on the construction of irregular buildings.

      1. Vertical Rotary Parking SystemWe focus on providing the intelligent mechanical parking equipment research and development, design, manufacture, installation and after-sales service.
      1. Vertical Lifting Parking SystemVertical lifting parking system is also called parking tower or elevator-type mechanical parking system. Lifting load carrier lifts pallets and vehicles to appointed layers.
      1. Simple Lifting Parking SystemThe simple lifting parking system is the simplest type parking facility. It can be used for home and community. Our car parking system is normally designed with two layers for two spaces.
      1. Lift and Slide Parking SystemThe lift and slide parking system combines vertically lifting and laterally sliding technology that allows parking two levels deep with independent access to any vehicle.
      1. 4-6 Ton Tower CraneA complete set of safe and reliable hydraulic jacking device is adopted for self-elevating. The tower crane goes up and down steadily and the lifting height varies with the building height. These merits make the lifting equipment ideal for high-rise construction.
      1. Flat top tower craneThe flat top tower crane features stable operation and reliable management due to the adoption of vaious advanced technologies.
      1. SMZ150 Self-propelled Gnatry HoistSMZ150 self-propelled gantry hoist is a new type of vertical transport machine. It has improved securiy system and proection device, effectively preventing the suspended platform from dashing the top, reducing the risk of overload, avoiding the drop of materials.

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